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Watch Claiming Center

Continue to your collection and the claiming center :

Building trust and security through transparency : 


Be Warned: Completing Step 1 is a decisive action. If you're ready to transform your digital asset into a tangible luxury watch, let's proceed.


Navigate to the Claiming Center and choose the timepiece you want to claim. Ensure your shipping address is valid and eligible (see Terms and Conditions).


Click on "Claim" to initiate the exchange of your DWC Watch NFT for a DWC Claimed Watch NFT—a non-transferable version linked exclusively to you (solebound). Confirm the transaction in MetaMask, and voilà, Step 1 is complete.


Head over to the DWC Claimed Watch tab, select the watch you've decided to claim.


Hit the "Ship" button. Enter your shipping details, cover the shipping costs, and just like that, your luxury watch is en route to you.


The process is irreversible after Step 1. Ensure your decision to claim is final before proceeding.

Double-check your shipping information for accuracy to guarantee a smooth delivery.

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