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Enhance your digital portfolio with NFTs linked to actual watches, claimable anytime. Experience our exciting mint and reveal events and see what watch you get.


DWC is Redefining the acquisition and investment in brand new luxury watches, offering enthusiasts a safe and secure ecosystem to purchase, hold, sell, or claim timepieces.

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We are a proud MBA company.
To learn more or claim an eligible  MadeByApe Care-Package.

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Above all, DWC prioritizes the security and safety of our holder's assets! Our partnerships with top-tier vaults, guarantees exceptional security and logistical support.. 

  • What is DWC and why should I care?
    Degen Watch Club (DWC), bridges luxury watches with the blockchain as NFTs. It's not just about minting and owning a digital asset backed by a physical watch; it's about the exhilarating moment of revealing claimable watches on-chain. Immerse yourself in the fusion of tradition and technology.
  • What makes DWC different from other NFT projects?
    DWC isn't your usual NFT project! We're offering: - Curated elite watch distributions ranging from Seiko to Rolex. - An easy purchase experience. - Real, tangible assets behind each NFT. - A unique tier system to suit every budget. - The dynamic choice to collect, sell or claim your watch. DWC is where luxury, intrigue, and blockchain converge.
  • How do DWC Watch NFTs work?
    DWC operates on multiple distribution models and minting events throughout the year. Here's the breakdown: 1. Purchase: Users mint a DWC Watch NFT for a specific amount. 2. Tier Reveal: After the mint closes, you are greeted with the tier of your watch, which is tied to a retail value range, i.e., Rare Tier $2000-$5000 USD. 3. Watch Assignment: The wait is over, and your actual watch is assigned to your NFT, cementing your ownership of the exact watch you receive. It's an exhilarating blend of anticipation and surprise, ensuring each user has a unique experience with DWC.
  • How does the DWC tier system work?
    DWC's tiers offer a diverse range of investment opportunities, each linked to a specific range of watch values: - God Tier (Tier 0): Manufactural Retail Value Range: More than $35,000. - Grail Tier (Tier 1): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $23,000-$35,000. - Supreme Tier (Tier 2): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $15,000-$23,000. - Luxury Tier (Tier 3): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $9,000-$15,000. - Premium Tier (Tier 4): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $5,000-$9,000. - Rare Tier (Tier 5): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $2,000-$5,000. - Uncommon Tier (Tier 6): Manufactural Retail Value Range: $500-$2,000. - Common Tier (Tier 7):Manufactural Retail Value Range: $100-$500. Not all tiers will be included in every minting event, see specific minting distribution model.
  • How can I stay ahead and not miss out on DWC's launch?
    Follow us on Twitter @degenwatchclub and our official website Be the first to know as we unveil this exhilarating merge of luxury and technology.
  • What price are we talking for Mint?
    Minting event pricing is dynamic, here's why: Distribution Models: These aren't mere assortments. They represent meticulously crafted experiences, distributing luxury watches across distinct price tiers. Every mint positions you within this model as an NFT. Price & Possibilities: Minting events begin at $1500 and can stretch to vast horizons, offering unlimited scale. Depending on the current model, you might unveil a watch whose value significantly surpasses the mint price, or it could be the other way around. It's all part of the DWC thrill.
  • I want more info !
    Take a look at our GitBook for more info or reach out to us directly: -Documentation - -

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